What I Wore - Karaokay

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Zara dress, sheer striped socks from Tokyo, Miu Miu platforms.

I remember a time when socks and sandals were so reviled, so revolting, they would only have been worn by fat tourists traipsing town with their backpacks firmly strapped to their front packs. Fast forward to post Burberry SS10. Nothing could stop me from wearing these damn socks and sandals last Friday night. Rain, hail, or... No shine. So so cold round here! Lucky I had my shoju jacket on - that's Korea-town's equivalent to a beer jacket - and enjoyed sing-a-longs with some furiously wasted friends at karaoke.


Timo Rissanen | July 27, 2010 at 10:59 AM

Come to Finland and you'll remember the revolting part about socks and sandals :)

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