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Illustration by Kim-Anh Ho

An illustration I did of a look by fellow UTS grad, superstar designer and general beautiful person Olivia Jung.
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If you're in Melbourne on 1 July, check out the opening of The Forty Thieves 3 at Gorker Gallery, featuring my bb James Jirat Patradoon, as well as a bunch of amazing Aussie and international artists like Ben Frost, Eamo Donnelly, Justin Lee Williams and Kareena Zerefos.

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Look Four

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Photography: Jennifer Chua
Model: Timothy Tsipiras
Fashion, art direction and styling: Kim-Anh Ho

Continued from this post, another look from my 2010 graduate collection.

The look: studded wool vest with leather collar and merino hood; a merino long sleeved curve panelled tee with deviated side seams; and leather and denim chapped trousers.

Dear god, this outfit killed me. HOURS of hand studding the vest, which left me with black and blue fingers; studs falling off the vest on the runway; a reluctant but lets face it, WISE last minute (night before the fashion show) decision to line the vest instead of staple it together (not even kidding); (and for further insight into my fuck-this-shit attitude) another last minute decision, to turn a coat into a vest (oh yes i did!); leather man making my leather chaps, like, 3 sizes too big and then having to paperbag waist them on my model; a stud catching on the merino tee and causing a run in the fabric - the top has to be worn back to front now.


But reminiscing now I kind of want to do it all over again... Watch this space.
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Safety First

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© by Sense / Photography Junji Hata / Fashion Direction Tomiki Sukezane / Hair Hiroki Yoshimori at Super Sonic / Make-up Hiroaki Yanagisawa at Eight Peace / Model Petr Rehka

This editorial makes me swoooon.

DIY anyone? Safety pin refashioning ain't new (see: Outsapop's excellent blog for more ideas) but I love how the scale and layering of the pins works with the heavy metal hardware in this look. And imagine the jingley jangles as you walk!

Via Coute Que Coute Via Sense Magazine
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M.I.A by Rankin for Dazed and Confused

What a babe.
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Cyborg loves Chachi: Notes on vintage in tokyo

When you think about Tokyo, you think about a futuristic city, neon lights, flying cars, cyborgs. It was after all the city that inspired the city design for Blade Runner.

It makes sense that in such a chrome kingdom the counter culture - the fringe, the cool - is the rejection of that future and an embrace of all things retro: it's a hyper mythologised Americana. Leather biker jackets, Hawaiian shirts, 501's, college sweaters. I admit I got caught up in the madness of it all and picked up a teeny weeny cheerleader uniform that some poor Sally Sue lost her virginity in in the backseat of a Lincoln. Yikes.

Harajuku girls and boys know what's up. Harajuku is a playground for the hip and the less hip tween set. Beyond Takeshita Dori (the pedestrian street teeming with youth oriented fast fashion shops), you can find a variety of well stocked vintage and second-hand clothing stores.

Some recommendations (please comment if you'd like vague directions, I can't get my head around Japanese addresses) :
Kinji - opposite La Foret - huge vintage shop, very very cheap for Tokyo vintage
Vivienne Westwood secondhand store - off Takeshita Dori to the right as you walk down from Harajuku station - all vintage and secondhand VW. The shoes were to die for. They had a few pairs of pirate boots!
Chicago - two locations in Harajuku - Super vintage store, great mens section, also an impressive selection of old kimonos from $20. Lots of tshirts, jackets, iron on patches.
Kind - has a few branches over Japan - multi level mecca of second hand designer clothing. I bought a Balenciaga singlet for $60 and a Bernhard Wilhelm dress for $70.

Not in Harajuku but noteworthy:
Flea Market - To be honest, the flea market I went to in Shinagawa was nothing exciting. But you could get lucky like me: I found an old man selling his wife's Salvatore Ferragamo flats for $35.
Komehyo - Meiji Dori Shinjuku - Second hand luxury department store - This place blew my mind. Secondhand/grey market items (bags, shoes, clothes, jewellery), the kind of stuff you'd see at a great consignment store, with the kind of service and visual merchandising you'd expect from a high end department store. It's really a brilliant idea and a wonderful way to extend the life cycle of a high fashion product. I think it encourages people to buy quality goods that will last. Also, it's easy on the wallet! I picked up an Acne dress for $50 and spotted a Vivienne Westwood suit for $250 (WAY too small for me, what a fat shit).

I love shopping second hand. There's a sincerity to the vintage in Japan, it's kind of costume-y but fun and silly and cool in this context. And the second hand designer stores are just amazeballs. Take me back there!
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Tokyo Rodeo

Konichiwa ya'll!

Currently mid-holiday in Tokyo. I am enjoying it here... Obviously not working, eating well and sleeping in in any part of the world would be great, but there's something special about a place that heats up your toilet seat for you. It's in the bright lights of city living; the compartmentalising of ev-er-y-thing; how they like to say it with a cutesy illustration; buildings from the future; the food oh god the food; handsome hobos; and the quiet dignity of elderly people and the sass of the young.

Teens! What I'd give to be a teen again - purely to fit into the clothes here. As much as I'd like to traipse around town in a pink tutu, and believe me when I say I would, nothing here fits over my birthing hips, so I am relegated to the likes of Euro chain stores, which feels kind of inauthentic.

"Cowgirl Slut Babe" is the story in most Japanese teencentric stores this week, little hitched up skirts in ditsy prints, sometimes with bloomers when they're extra short. Short isn't really a problem, everyone wears stockings! Crazy stockings! Cowboy boots are obvious, but they're also pushing clogs - which to be honest, I don't know if I love or not. It's a little budget Chanel SS2010, and by little budget I mean pleather a-go-go. I want to vomit all over that plastic shit. If they were doing it right, with leather and shearling and all that good stuff I would probably be all over it, but the damn kids want it and they want it now and next week they won't so why bother trying?

Doing it right:

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Richard Prince, Untitled (cowboy), 1989