Look Four

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Photography: Jennifer Chua
Model: Timothy Tsipiras
Fashion, art direction and styling: Kim-Anh Ho

Continued from this post, another look from my 2010 graduate collection.

The look: studded wool vest with leather collar and merino hood; a merino long sleeved curve panelled tee with deviated side seams; and leather and denim chapped trousers.

Dear god, this outfit killed me. HOURS of hand studding the vest, which left me with black and blue fingers; studs falling off the vest on the runway; a reluctant but lets face it, WISE last minute (night before the fashion show) decision to line the vest instead of staple it together (not even kidding); (and for further insight into my fuck-this-shit attitude) another last minute decision, to turn a coat into a vest (oh yes i did!); leather man making my leather chaps, like, 3 sizes too big and then having to paperbag waist them on my model; a stud catching on the merino tee and causing a run in the fabric - the top has to be worn back to front now.


But reminiscing now I kind of want to do it all over again... Watch this space.


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