Tokyo Rodeo

Konichiwa ya'll!

Currently mid-holiday in Tokyo. I am enjoying it here... Obviously not working, eating well and sleeping in in any part of the world would be great, but there's something special about a place that heats up your toilet seat for you. It's in the bright lights of city living; the compartmentalising of ev-er-y-thing; how they like to say it with a cutesy illustration; buildings from the future; the food oh god the food; handsome hobos; and the quiet dignity of elderly people and the sass of the young.

Teens! What I'd give to be a teen again - purely to fit into the clothes here. As much as I'd like to traipse around town in a pink tutu, and believe me when I say I would, nothing here fits over my birthing hips, so I am relegated to the likes of Euro chain stores, which feels kind of inauthentic.

"Cowgirl Slut Babe" is the story in most Japanese teencentric stores this week, little hitched up skirts in ditsy prints, sometimes with bloomers when they're extra short. Short isn't really a problem, everyone wears stockings! Crazy stockings! Cowboy boots are obvious, but they're also pushing clogs - which to be honest, I don't know if I love or not. It's a little budget Chanel SS2010, and by little budget I mean pleather a-go-go. I want to vomit all over that plastic shit. If they were doing it right, with leather and shearling and all that good stuff I would probably be all over it, but the damn kids want it and they want it now and next week they won't so why bother trying?

Doing it right:

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Richard Prince, Untitled (cowboy), 1989


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