If you're in Sydney, come check out my boyfriend's show in Redfern on Thursday:

James Jirat Patradoon, the 25-year-old Sydney-based artist and illustrator, is known primarily for his neon screenprints and stylised digital work. With HEARTACHES, he shifts into a more organic and personalised gear. Using a bold kind of reverse engineering, HEARTACHES presents a taut exploration of authenticity and identity in the form of massive graphite-on-canvas drawings. Informed by Patradoon's observations of pop constructions of masculinity and of self-representation in a post-convergence culture, HEARTACHES is a sometimes bleak, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, but always insightful personal critique.

HEARTACHES opens at Boutwell Draper on Thursday 23 September from 6pm - 8pm, and runs in tandem with Ben Frost's ART OF NOISE until October 23.

Wed - Sat 11am - 5pm

(Also, he's just babin'.)


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